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The Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar

ATEG, an Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English, is a national forum for discussing the teaching of grammar, and welcomes all views on the role of grammar in our schools.

ATEG maintains an Internet mail list where all aspects of the teaching of English grammar are discussed. To subscribe, go to the ATEG listserv website. Alternatively, send email to listserv@listserv.muohio.edu with no subject, no signature, and this one line in the message:

    subscribe ATEG yourfirstname yourlastname

ATEG membership is $12 per year. ATEG members receive our Journal, published annually. Membership checks may be sent to:

    P. O. Box 92
    Fishkill, New York  12524

Complete information about the 25th Annual ATEG Conference, to be held on September 5 - 6, 2014, at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, is now available here.

Classroom Resource of the Month:

Your classroom visuals set the tone, express your values, and reinforce the rules and key ideas of your class. We know that classroom visuals can also serve as a valuable learning tool. Their presence is a constant reminder of various basic ideas that we want students to absorb through the visual cue.

Please feel free to use any of the visuals in our Classroom Resources, including a new presentation on language register.

Wishing you a successful school year,
Amy Benjamin, ATEG President

ATEG’s Resolution “On the Value of Systematic Grammar Study” is now available here.

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